Additionally, we have an extremely experienced and closely medically-supervised Spa staff who provide facial peels, derma planing and IPL 'age spot' removal and skin tightening.  Our mantra is to provide Personalized, Experienced and Compassionate Care and we take it very seriously.

We are experts (please see our bios as well) in the treatment of skin cancers, skin cancer screenings, complex wounds and scar management. Each patient will have an individualized treatment plan and each patient will be involved in the decision-making progress.  More often than not, there are multiple ways to attack a particular cancer or lesion.  We feel it is essential to tailor the treatment based on the particular diagnosis, patient's age, medical conditions, activity level and patients wishes.  We refuse to practice 'assembly line' medicine and take this vow very seriously.     


Our primary mission is to take care of your medical problem as quickly and safely as possible and to get you back doing what you enjoy in life!

Our mantra at Skin and Wound Specialists is to provide Personalized, Experienced and Compassionate medical care to each and every patient.  
If you feel you are not getting that I would like you to call me personally and I will fix it.  

I am available at the office, via email or via my mobile phone.